We design smart communications and visual branding to help our clients engage their target markets, build trust and brand loyalty, and gain coveted social capital to achieve their objectives.

With expertise in each of these market segments, Five-by-Five Media Direction is your choice for topflight marketing communication and design.  Employing our creative and strategic services, we’ll wrap your story in the perfect visual package, propelling your message to new heights.


Five-by-Five Media Direction will partner with your organization, bringing added expertise to enhance your marketing efforts. Not only will we tell your story, we’ll help create it by engaging your residents, customers and donors.



Click here to read "Digital Disconnect: The Gap Between Government-to-Citizen Online Interaction".




"Fifteen years, two magazine re-designs, one magazine launch, 40+ events marketed, several website strategies created and delivered, all deadlines met and all projects completed within budget.  Never a stale idea; always on-point with marcom objectives.  Danielle is a consummate professional.   I feel honored to work with her to help grow our business.   She is the best and most multi-faceted art director I could wish for because she makes OUR business her own."

Sharon Vollman, President,
Practical Communications.

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